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ARI: Analytical Chemists and Consultants
What's New at ARI?

ECOSS-Environmental Coalition of South Seattle

ARI Labs, Inc. is now a business member of the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle, ECOSS. ECOSS serves the South Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region with education, technical assistance, and resources for developing and maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment for businesses and residents. More information about ECOSS can be found at their website.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

To better serve our clients we have created a online survey with questions related to customer satisfaction. The short, anonymous, survey takes no more than 5 minutes to complete and is a valuable way for us to improve our services. Please follow this link to fill out the survey and thank you for sharing your opinions with us.

Storm Water Particle Size Distribution by WSDOE - TAPE Methodology

Stricter regulations on storm water monitoring and treatment have added more requirements to laboratory analysis regimen. Analytical Resources has developed particle size distribution analysis of suspended sediment in storm water samples that is in compliance with the Washington State Department of Ecology's Technical Assessment Protocol - Ecology (TAPE) Guidelines. Per TAPE methodology, grain size distribution is determined using a combination of wet sieving and utilization of the Beckman Coulter LS13 320 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer. Suspended sediment concentration is determined according to ASTM D3977, Method C. The distribution results are combined with the concentration data, and are reported in mg/L per Wentworth Scale size fractions. Pricing for this method can be found here. The Beckman Coulter Counter is a versatile instrument which can generate many variations on particle size distribution of water and low volume sediment samples. Please contact us for more information on possible applications for your specific sample needs.

EPA 1613B Dioxins/Furans By High Resolution Mass Spec

EPA method 1613B is available at ARI utilizing the latest advances in both instrumentation and software from Waters. An independent clean room for 1613B sample preparation and features microwave extraction for soils and sediments and SPE extraction for waters. ARI utilizes a unique analytical column that provides superior peak resolution for 2378-TCDD and 2378-TCDF eliminating the need for a confirmation analysis on a separate column. Flexibility with respect to data and method reporting formats are available. Please contact your project manager for more information and pricing.

Alkyl PAH by EPA Method SW8270D-SIM

Analytical Resources has extended its expertise with the SW8270D-SIM (Selected Ion Monitoring) method by testing for a wide range of substituted Alkyl PAH (Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons) in sediments.  The Alkyl PAHs range from C1-Decalin to C3-Dibenzo(a)anthracenes.  Samples can also be simultaneously analyzed for a standard list of target PAHs.  Please contact a project manager if you have any questions about the method or the analyte list.  Pricing for the test can be found here.

PBDE Congeners

Analytical Resources is pleased to now offer the testing of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE) congeners in a range of environmental samples.  PBDE congeners are similar to PCB congeners in that they are resistant to degradation, bioaccumulate in tissue, and are used in a broad spectrum of industrial applications.  Monitoring has shown that these chemicals are ubiquitous in the environment and evidence suggest that PBDEs may cause detrimental health effects in animals and humans.

A selected list of PBDE congeners, representing the major components of common technical grades, are analyzed using a GC equiped with dual capillary columns and an electron capture detector (ECD).

Please contact us for a list of target analytes, reporting limits, and pricing.


Gasoline additives, or oxygenates, are a concern in the environment as they have been found to have contaminated groundwater through leaking underground gasoline storage tanks (USTs).  ARI is now testing for a number of oxygenates, including MTBE, TAME, ETBE, Diisopropyl Ether and tert-Butanol, using volatile GC/MS Method SW8260C.  Please contact us for more information regarding reporting limits and other analytical details.

Low Level Mercury Analysis

Increased public concern with the bioaccumulative effects of Mercury and advances in technology are driving regulatory levels to lower requirements.  ARI has validated a modification to the CVAA method to report mercury at 20 parts-per-trillion.

Lower Reporting Limits for TPHG/BETX

We now offer lower detection limits of 0.03 ppm for gasoline and 0.08 ppb for BETX analyses.

Dissolved Methane, Ethane and Ethene

Dissolved gases are often used as indicators of the biodegradation process under anoxic conditions.  ARI purchased new instrumentation and validated the RSK-175 method, allowing us to offer RSK-175 with ARI quality and turn-around time.

Semivolatiles by SIM

While there is increasing concern for monitoring compounds at lower concentrations in water, sediment samples with low TOC values or high contaminant levels often make it difficult to meet screening levels.  ARI has validated a SIM method for the 'problematic' semivolatiles at approximately 0.1 ug/L levels for waters and 6.7ug/kg for soils/sediments. Solid samples require screening prior to extraction and both matrices require concurrent analysis by full-scan GC/MS.  PAH only can be analyzed at 0.01 ug/L in clean waters.
Welcome to ARI

Analytical Resources, Inc. (ARI) currently provides high quality chemical analysis for regional, national, and international clients.

Analytical Resources, Inc.
4611 S. 134th Place
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We are located near the junction of I-5 and SR-599 in Tukwila, just south of Seattle.

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