Total Cyanide EPA 9014


Total Cyanide CAS 57-12-5


This method can be used for measuring free (non-complexed) cyanide and hydrocyanic acid in drinking water, natural surface waters, domestic and industrial wastewaters, and in soil extracts. This method may also be used as a determinative step for quantifying total and amenable cyanide in the alkaline distillates from Method 9010.

This method provides two options for the determination of cyanide; namely, a manual spectrophotometric (colorimetric) procedure or a titrimetric procedure.

In the colorimetric measurement, the cyanide is converted to cyanogen chloride (CNCl) by reaction of cyanide with chloramine-T at a pH less than 8. After the reaction is complete, color is formed on the addition of pyridine-barbituric acid reagent. The absorbance is read at 578 nm for the complex formed with pyridine-barbituric acid reagent and CNCl. To obtain colors of comparable intensity, it is essential to have the same salt content in both the sample and the standards.

The titration measurement uses a standard solution of silver nitrate to titrate cyanide in the presence of a silver sensitive indicator.

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