New Technology Highlight-Elementar TOC Cube

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Soil TOC Analyzer

New Technology Highlight-Elementar TOC Cube

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Classic analysis methods for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) required extensive pre-analysis preparation including multiple drying steps, grinding, and acidification. With the purchase of the Elementar TOC Cube Analytical Resources is now able to analyze for TOC, Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC), and Residual Oxidizable Carbon (ROC) without all the time consuming preparation and still improve on reproducibility with faster, unattended, sample throughput.

Sample analysis sizes used in the Elementar TOC Cube are allowed to be on the order of grams which allows for more representative analysis of non-homogeneous sample matrices. True matrix spike samples can be created, as opposed to post-spike samples where the spike is introduced at analysis, providing a more accurate QC measure of the method.

With this investment in instrumentation and training ARI is able to provide higher quality analytical results with a shorter TAT. Contact your project manager directly or use our contact form to learn more about pricing, reporting and control limits, and options for TOC, TIC, and ROC analysis.