Metals Analysis Method Changes-SW6010D and SW6020B

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Metals Analysis Method Changes-SW6010D and SW6020B

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Analytical Resources Inc. is updating metal analysis methods 6010C and 6020A to 6010D and 6020B respectively to be current with the newest version of US EPA Hazardous Waste Test Methods / SW-846. These updates will only affect sample analysis and impose stricter QC (Quality Control) limits and additional QC checks which reflect improving analytical capabilities of the primary instrumentation. Specific changes for each method are briefly described below. 

6010D and 6020B:  The limit for the Initial Calibration Blank (ICB), as well as Method Blanks (MB) has been lowered from the Reporting Limit (RL) to ½ of the RL. Analytes failing the ICB cannot be reported for that analytical run. Analytes failing the MB may be reported with B-flags if associated sample concentrations are greater than 10x the MB, or if client projects do not specify lower limits. 

6010D only:  A mid-level verification standard, prepared at 50% of the linear range for each analyte, must be analyzed daily following calibration and recover within 90 – 110% of the true value. Also, the limit for non-spiked analytes in the interference check solution (IFA) has been lowered from 2x the RL to 1x the RL. Analytes failing these criteria cannot be reported. 

ARI will begin to log samples with the updated 6010D and 6020B methods beginning February 1, 2021.

As we adapt to these changes, it may be necessary to re-analyze or re-prepare samples more frequently than before. However, the result will be more reliable and defensible data for your project. If you have any further questions, please reach out to one of our project managers by calling 206-695-6200 or using our website contact form